Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

117. Name: Taroub Khayyat Title: Political Communication in the Age of Dissemination: Media Constructions of Hezbollah (Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN) Institution: University of Bath Country: United Kingdom Date: 2013 Language: English Abstract: This study addresses the forms of dissemination in political communication and news media. It investigates the new age of dissemination of global communication manifested in a new relationship between political communication and media systems. Working within the sphere of political communication and interconnected media systems, the study examines how the information in news source texts is re-contextualized and disseminated worldwide, and fed back again through recursive communication. Specifically, the research considers ways in which the aims of the political phenomenon of Hezbollah are disseminated and connected across various news media outlets. The process of recursive dissemination of communication is analyzed in three news media outlets, Al Jazeera, BBC, and CNN. The main goal of this research is to re-conceptualize communication, establish a communicative model characterized by recursivity. The second goal is to investigate the appropriate approaches for the study of that communication in terms of the relationship between intertextuality, discourse, ideology as belief systems, framing, and competing framing which create new realities. The third goal is to show that through multi-contextual analysis of recursive framing data we gain more sophisticated understanding of Hezbollah.


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