Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

118. Name: Hala Ben Hadj M’Barek Title: Reconfiguration of the World Order of Information and Communication: Implication and Impact of the Al Jazeera Channel Institution: Universitat de València Country: Spain Date: 2013 Language: French Abstract: This study investigates how the world order of information and communication has been reconfigured. It examines the role of Al Jazeera channel in this reconfiguration and its impact on decision-making processes. Governments have always understood the importance of soft power in their domestic and foreign policies. After emerging from the colonial era, many countries tried to confront the consequences of cultural and intellectual domination in different ways. Some of them succeeded in rebalancing the relation between North and South by giving a voice to the South. The study reviews the ideal of ‘new world order’, particularly according to the approach the non-aligned movement and UNESCO, which adopted an inter-governmental approach in dealing with global affairs. It also investigates non-intergovernmental approaches to the reconfiguration of the world order, especially in the field of information and communication. In this regard, the study focuses on the case of Al Jazeera channel that broadcasts uncensored news and information since 1996, paving the way for the Arab revolutions. The thesis tries to identify the role of Al Jazeera in rebalancing global information and democratizing both the Arab world.


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