Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

142. Name: Raiya S. Al Kharusi Title: Ideologies of Arab Media and Politics: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Al Jazeera Debates on the Yemeni Revolution Institution: University of Hertfordshire Country: United Kingdom Date: 2016 Language: English Abstract: This study aims to uncover the ideological intentions in the formulation and circulation of hegemonic political ideology in televised political debates during the 2011-2012 Yemeni revolution. It examines the idea of how ideology was used as a tool of hegemony. The corpus of the study consists of debates from four live debate programmes (the Opposite Direction, In Depth, Behind the News and the Revolution Talk) broadcast by Al Jazeera satellite channel. Al Jazeera was selected as the focus of this study because of its position as the most popular television news channel in the Arab world, and due to its strong presence during the Arab revolutions in general and the Yemeni revolution in particular. Using critical discourse analysis, this research finds that Al Jazeera and the protesters had broadly similar ideological intentions, including glorifying the revolution and inciting protests, which was not the case with the government guest speakers and representatives. The findings show that Al Jazeera displayed evident bias, sometimes excluding the government from its debates in a way that runs counter to its mission statement and the tenets of objective journalism.


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