Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

161. Name: Gihan Awad I.M. Noor Title: News Making in Arabic Satellite Channels: An Empirical Study on Al Jazeera and Sky News Channels during the Period 2014-2016 Institution: Sudan University for Science and Technology

Country: Sudan Country: 2017 Language: Arabic Abstract:

This comparative research examines the news making processes in Al Jazeera and Sky news channels focusing on the effect of developing technologies to advance the process of news production, packaging and dissemination. The study aims at understanding the extent to which the two selected channels are committed to the principles and standards of professional journalistic ethics. It also seeks to understand the impact of these channels on the political awareness of Arabic societies. The researcher employed the descriptive analytical approach, using the tools of questionnaire and observation. In addition, a number of interviews were conducted with a group of media experts representing the research society. The research findings showed that both channels contributed to raising the standards of news industry in the region as well as raising the political awareness of Arab viewers and societies. They both use modern technologies to improve the formats, styles and aesthetics to deliver their messages and display news contents on screen. It is clear from the research findings that Arab viewers consider Al Jazeera and Sky news as their preferred and first source of news and information.


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