Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

2. Name: Mohammed Fagih Title: The Relationship between Relying on TV Stations and the Levels of Knowing the News Content in Yemeni Society: A Comparison between Al Jazeera, MBC, Abu Dhabi, and Yemen TV Channels Institution: Cairo University Country: Egypt, Date: 2002 Language: Arabic Abstract: This study investigates the relationship between the reliance of Yemeni Society on particular television channels and the Level of people’s knowledge of consumed news content. The study is composed of five chapters: the research methodology and problem, the theoretical framework of the study, live satellite television broadcasting, general results of surveys of news bulletins and television viewers and hypothesis results. The researcher conducted a comparative analysis of a sample of news bulletins from Al Jazeera, MBC, Abu Dhabi TV and Yemen TV. He also conducted a field survey on a random sample of 500 people, which he divided into three categories: low-level tier, medium- level tier and high-level tier. In addition, then he surveyed a deliberate sample of 40 expatriates from January to February 1999. The findings showed major statistical differences between males and females in terms of exposure to television channels and news bulletins. Statistical differences also existed between expatriates of different educational backgrounds and their exposure to television channels. The findings indicated that both Al Jazeera and Abu Dhabi TV gave more time to news coverage but their coverage was generally negative.


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