Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

3. Name: Mohammed Rayan Barayan Title: Television News in Saudi Arabia (A Comparison between Saudi Ch1, Al Jazeera, MBC and ANN) Institution: University of Leeds Country: United Kingdom Date: 2002 Abstract: The quality of the news service on Saudi Television has been characterized by poor quality and has failed to satisfy Saudi viewers as indicated by some of the previous studies. At that time, satellite broadcasting was still at its embryonic stage and Saudi viewers had no alternative available to them. With the appearance of specialized satellite news channels, the demand for stronger television news service became even more important. The researcher conducted fieldwork study in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and London during the period from 15 January to 15 March 2000. This study explores and compares the views and impressions of Saudi viewers about the quality of news service they receive from the channel one of Saudi television, Al Jazeera, MBC, and ANN. 8 groups of 48 persons from the Saudi audience were interviewed. These groups include academics, officials, King Saud University students, Imam Bin Saud University students, farmers and sales merchants, unemployed and uneducated. A content analysis of a total of 497 news stories or the total production of the four stations during the week starting on 12-18 February 2000 was also undertaken.


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