Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

4. Name: Francesco Congiu Title: War Misinformation and the Al Jazeera Case Institution: Università di Bologna Country: Italy Date: 2003 Language: Italian Abstract:

How was it possible to believe that an old dictator in decline, struggling with a collapsing country, could really constitute an imminent danger to world peace? Even more peculiarly, how was it possible to connect this character with Osama bin Laden and the attacks of September 11? War and information, disinformation during war times, news in war contexts and its systematic distortion are key terms of this investigation. This thesis examines the media narratives of two Iraqi conflicts to see what has changed and what remained unchanged comparing the 2003 Iraq war with the 1991 Operation Desert Storm. The findings show that there has been a change of perspective on the Iraq war and the representation of the US led “war on terror”. It was clear that the Arab media in general and Al Jazeera channel in particular, contributed to this change of perspective. Among the implications of this change is the making of an autonomous and relatively homogeneous Arab point of view, along with a rising mediascape that is no longer monopolized or dominated by the West.


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