Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

10. Name: Noureddine Miladi Title: Al Jazeera Satellite Channel and its Role in the Construction of an Arab Diasporic Public Opinion in Britain and France Institution: University of Westminster Country: United Kingdom Date: 2005 Language: English Abstract: Respondents from Arab communities in Britain and France were recruited as part of a survey research as well as for focus groups and family interviews in order to understand their perceptions of television messages. The perceived impact of Al Jazeera and its role in the construction of public opinion has been measured in this research by analyzing the Arab audience’s reception and use of satellite TV. This research finds that in spite of challenges to censor it, Al Jazeera enjoys more credibility than any other television network, whether Arab or Western and state- or private-owned. However, Western channels are perceived by Arab viewers to have biased reporting when covering news about the Arab and Muslim world. Viewers claim they watch BBC, CNN and other Western channels to compare their news coverage with that of Al Jazeera. This thesis also argues that bilingual Arab audiences in diaspora have cultivated the ability to choose, compare and contrast television messages across various satellite channels. Arab satellite television led by Al Jazeera increased communication and exchange of views and information between Arab audiences surveyed in this research.


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