Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

11. Name: Hibah Atiya Title: Reporting the News of the Palestinian Issue on both TV5 and Al Jazeera Channels Institution: Cairo University Country: Egypt Date: 2005 Language: Arabic Abstract: This thesis consists of five chapters: the methodological framework, the theoretical background, perspectives of the Palestinian cause, its developments and repercussions on the international arena, and the impact of the political positions of France and Qatar’s on news coverage of the issue on TV5 and Al Jazeera. The researcher conducted analytical and field studies using surveys. In her analytical study, she analyzed a sample of publications and news programmes on both TV5 International and Al Jazeera broadcast from early March 2003 to late May of the same year. In addition, she reviewed a sample of 200 previous studies carried out by Egyptian researchers. The study reached a number of conclusions, including the following: TV5 broadcasts numerous brief news, while Al Jazeera broadcasts fewer, but more detailed news bulletins. The number of stories related to the Palestinian cause on Al Jazeera is much larger than that on TV5. Al Jazeera has more viewers from the Egyptian elite than TV5 as the latter lacks attraction. The Egyptian elite relies more on Al Jazeera than on TV5 as a source of information regarding the Palestinian cause.


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