Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

13. Name: Alamuddin Ahmed Mohamed Title: The Standards of Television News Coverage: A Comparative Study of Abu Dhabi and Al Jazeera Satellite Channels Institution: University of Baghdad Country: Iraq Date: 2006 Language: Arabic Abstract: This study examines the professional standards of news coverage and the criteria according to which news are selected, ordered and broadcast. Through a comparative perspective between ‘Al Madar’ of Abu Dhabi TV and Al Jazeera’s ‘Hasad Al Youm’, the study tries to understand the role of these standards in determining the nature of news coverage. The research sample consists of six months of broadcasting of both programmes (July-December 2005). The researcher used the observation and interviews tools to collect the required data. The research findings showed a discrepancy between the two channels regarding news coverage methods and standards. Al Jazeera channel adopts the simple method of coverage (abstract news) to gain access to more scoops, while Abu Dhabi TV adopts the composite coverage (pictorial and analytical). The results also showed the predominance of international affairs in the coverage of Abu Dhabi TV, while Al Jazeera’s attention focused more on Arab issues and affairs. The study also found that local news and the news of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries do not have priority in both channels.


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