Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

14. Name: Abdo Al Mikhlafi Title: Al Jazeera as a Global and Region Media Player Institution: Philipp University of Marburg Country: Germany Date: 2006 Language: German Abstract:

This study presents Al Jazeera as a media and political phenomenon. It begins by introducing the reality of Arab media before and during the ‘age of satellites’. Consequently, it divides the history of Arab media into two periods: pre- and post-Al Jazeera. The study then shifts to the establishment and development of the channel, its relationship with the Qatari government, its funding, its editorial policy, and the size of its audience. The researcher conducted an analytical study of the content of Al Jazeera’s selected sample of programmes. He analyzed Al Jazeera’s role in revolutionizing Arab public opinion through its controversial approach in addressing problematic issues and breaking the taboos of Arab media. The study follows Al Jazeera’s transformation from regional to international media and observes how it turned into an important player on the international political and media stage. In the last chapter, the study explores the future of Al Jazeera after it has become an important element in Arab political culture by contributing to the formation of accumulative political awareness that will be the main drive for change in the Arab world.


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