Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

23. Name: Bashar Mazhar Title: The Role of Radio and Television in Shaping Concepts and Trends of the Yemeni Elites Concerning Political Issues: An Analytical Study of News Bulletins of Al Jazeera, BBC Radio and Radio Sawa Institution: Cairo University Country: Egypt Date: 2007 Language: Arabic Abstract: This study examines the role of radio and television in shaping political tendencies among the Yemeni elites. Analyzes and compares the cases of Al Jazeera channel, BBC Radio and Radio Sawa. The study is composed of the following chapters: the research problem and methodology, the theoretical framework, the results of the analytical study, the results of the survey conducted with the Yemeni intellectual elites and the discussion of the research findings. The research sample consists of 30 news bulletins from ‘Harvest of the Day’ broadcast on Al Jazeera at 20:00 GMT, 30 news bulletins from ‘Midday’ broadcast on Al Jazeera at noon GMT, 30 news bulletins from ‘The World this Evening’ broadcast on BBC Arabic, and 30 news bulletins from ‘The World Today, broadcast on Radio Sawa. The researcher also surveyed a purposeful sample of 200 expatriates from the Yemeni elites. The research key findings showed the following: the percentage of television viewing is high among the Yemeni elites, reaching 68% constantly, 28% sometimes and 3.5% scarcely. The findings also indicated that Al Jazeera is the most preferred channel, followed by Al Arabiya.


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