Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

25. Name: Leon Barkho Title: Strategies of Power in Multilingual Global Broadcasters How the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera Shape their Middle East News Discourse Institution: Jönköping University Country: Sweden Date: 2007 Language: English Abstract: This study attends to Middle East coverage of three media networks that together are largely responsible for shaping our views of events in the world. The informational and communicative role of these networks, Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN is unprecedented in the history of human communication. The purpose of the study, its approach, and data analysis focus on the Middle East coverage of these channels, particularly regarding the conflict in Iraq and the struggle between the Palestinians and Israelis. The investigation is mainly concerned with the language of hard news discourse and the way broadcasters intentionally or unintentionally produce and reproduce certain linguistic items and patterns to interpret both the discursive and social worlds of the events they cover. The study consists of five papers dealing with issues of critical discourse analysis. Together, they highlight the significant role power holders have in shaping the discourse of their institutions. They provide new theoretical frameworks to arrive at the discursive patterns and social assumptions and uncover how strings of power help shape these patterns and assumptions, relying on a variety of sources and empirical data.


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