Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

37. Name: Ali Darwish Title: Translation and News Making: A Study of Contemporary

Arabic Television - Al Jazeera Case Study Institution: Queensland University of Technology Country: Australia Date: 2009 Language: English Abstract:

Arabic satellite television has recently attracted tremendous attention in both the academic and professional worlds, with a special interest in Al Jazeera, as a curious phenomenon in the Arab region. The channel has deliberately sought to shake up the Arab society by raising awareness of issues seldom discussed on Arab television and challenging long- established social and cultural values and norms while promoting Arab issues from an Arab perspective. This research explores the news media of Arabic satellite channels and looks at translation as a reframing process of news stories in terms of content and cultural values. The research examines the process of reframing through translation news already framed or actualized in another language, and argues that in submitting framed news reports to the translation process several alterations take place, driven by linguistic and cultural constraints and shaped by the context in which the content is presented. For the case study, this research examines news broadcasts of the Arabic satellite television station Al Jazeera, and to a lesser extent the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) and Al Arabiya channel satellite for comparison and crosschecking purposes.


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