Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

38. Name: Atef Khayat Title: Television as a Vector of Political Evolution: A Critical Analysis of an Emergent Media Model in the Arab World - the Qatari Channel Al Jazeera Institution: University of Burgundy – Dijon Country: France Date: 2009 Language: French Abstract: The Qatari news channel Al Jazeera has managed to present, in a few years, an alternative media model, and a new journalistic style in the Arabic-speaking audiovisual space. This thesis attempts to explain the reasons for the success of Al Jazeera, while taking into account its political influence. To this end, the researcher questioned the various meta-discursive levels (iconic, textual, etc.) found in the programmes broadcast by the channel, in order to reveal the “Al-Jazeera tone”. Several semantic strata can be identified in the overall working system of the channel, serving the same purpose: produce a type of characteristic information by a specific style. The analysis proves that Al Jazeera builds representations conveying a new vision of the world in the Arabic-speaking media and political sphere. The study uses mixed methodology and draws on a number of theoretical approaches, including reception theory and the theory of opinion formation. Content analysis was used to analyze news items and film sequences, in addition the data collected from a questionnaire that was completed by Arabic- speaking viewers. The researcher also conducted in-depth interviews with Al Jazeera’s journalists.


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