Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

39. Name: Basheer Nawar Title: Public Relation and its Role in Incentive Job Performance of Employees in Media Institutions: A Comparative Study of

Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya Channels Institution: University of Baghdad Country: Iraq Date: 2009 Language: Arabic Abstract:

This study examines the activity levels and public relations in institutes that motivate the job performance of their employees. The researcher used the questionnaire tool to collect data from employees of the two institutions. The research is divided into five chapters. The first chapter lays out the theoretical framework and presents the research subject, problem, and significance. This chapter also defines the research methodology, including the tools used to collect data and the selected sample for analysis. The second chapter provides a definition for public relations and its importance in advancing corporate communication. The third chapter sets out the importance of incentives in media-related institutions and the methods of incentives. The fourth chapter contains an examination of the definition and importance of job performance, the factors affecting performance internally and externally, along with the factors affecting job performance particularly in media organizations and environments. The fifth and concluding chapter of this research focuses on the field study, which was conducted on a sample of Al Jazeera’s employees and Al Arabiya’s employees to assess their views on incentives and their respective public relations departments.


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