Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

44. Name: Robin Kabha Title: The Impact of Al Jazeera TV Channel on the Public Opinion of Palestinians in Palestine and Jordan with Particular Reference to the Promotion of Democracy Institution: University of West London Country: United Kingdom Date: 2009 Language: English Abstract: This study explores the role of Al Jazeera in relation to Palestinian public opinion in Palestine and Jordan. It shows that Al Jazeera puts democracy and human rights first on its agenda, and that there is a close relationship between the channel’s content and the political attitudes of the Palestinian audience. The research shows that the channel gained credibility among Palestinian viewers, and that its programmes are the most trusted among the main Arab satellite television competitors. The research shows how the channel’s news coverage and talk shows contributed to raising the political awareness of Palestinian viewers, engaging them in debates about public interest. They acknowledge that the channel encourages political participation including political parties, demonstrations and voting. In comparison to other channels, Al Jazeera appears as a key source in developing attitudes towards political and social issues. The research suggests that its news and current affairs programmes play an important part in the formation of Palestinian public opinion and that the channel not only increases political awareness but also contributes to the development of democracy and human rights in Palestine and Jordan.


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