Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

52. Name: Majida Al-Obeid Title: The Role of Arab News Satellite Channels in Addressing Arab Issues, Darfur as an Example: Descriptive Analytical Study of Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya Channels for the Period 2006-2008 Institution: Omdurman Islamic University Country: Sudan Date: 2009 Language: Arabic Abstract: This study examines how Arab satellite channels covered the Darfur issue. Darfur has occupied local and international public opinion and received wide coverage in various Arab and Western media. The research focuses on Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya channels due to their similarity in specializing in news and political programmes. The two channels have the highest viewership among the Arab public. The study used content analysis methodology to analyze and compare a sample of Al Jazeera’s ‘More than One Opinion’ and ‘The Opposite Direction’, and a sample of Al Arabiya’s ‘Point of Order and ‘Bil Arabi’ programmes. The study concluded that a high percentage of the sample members confirmed that they depend on Arab satellite channels as a main source of knowledge of Arab issues, and that these channels play a prominent role in shaping their opinions and convictions toward Arab issues. Some respondents believe that Al Jazeera’s coverage of the Darfur issue was objective by giving a platform to different viewpoints. As for Al Arabiya, most respondents described its coverage as superficial, and it was unique in describing the rebels as opposition.


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