Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

51. Name: Burcu Kaya Erdem Title: Al Jazeera English in the Context of the East-West Dichotomy Institution: Istanbul Üniversitesi Country: Turkey Date: 2009 Language: Turkish Abstract: This study tries to identify the position of Al Jazeera in the context of “East-West Dilemma” in addition to its importance in today’s world media. It also investigates the existing mythical obstacles that prevented us in the past from seeing the facts and the real causes of this divide. Al Jazeera Arabic represents the voice of resistance to counter the western hegemony over the region and protect its values as a legendary media source. On the other hand, Al Jazeera English has been seen by some as a limitation to Al Jazeera’s functions and a threat to its identity. This study presents an alternative explanation to the relationship between the two channels and the role the entire network plays between East and West. In the Gulf region that has been under western hegemony for decades, Al Jazeera’s emergence was phenomenal. Al Jazeera English provides an impressive evidence that it is an integral part of this media network. It shares the same identity and continues to play the same role of reversing the flow of information to achieve the balance between East and West.


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