Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

50. Name: Suud Fitria Alwi Asseggaff Title: The Role of Al Jazeera Television for Qatar Diplomacy Institution: University of Muhammadiyah Malang Country: Indonesia Date: 2009 Language: Indonesian Abstract: In International relations, Qatar is considered a small country, both in terms of population and geography. Its foreign policy aims at minimizing threats while playing an active diplomatic role in domestic, regional and international politics. Al Jazeera Media Network supports this role implicitly and plays an important part in the Qatari influential diplomacy around the world. This Study investigates the role that Al Jazeera plays in supporting and advancing Qatar’s diplomacy. It adopts a descriptive approach and uses qualitative methodology in analyzing the collected data. The research findings show that Al Jazeera channel serves as a tool for public diplomacy to provide a positive image of the host county as a supporter of freedom, democracy and justice internationally. As a result, Qatar has been successful in playing various diplomatic roles and was chosen to host various events and international conferences as well as mediating in various regional and international crises and conflicts. In part, these achievements at the state level show how great Al Jazeera’s service has been to Qatar’s foreign policy, its image in the world and its national interest in general.


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