Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

55. Name: Claire Gabrielle Talon Title: Al Jazeera and Qatar (1996-2009): Rentier Media and Critical Discourse in a “Global Island” Institution: Institut d’Etudes Politiques Country: France Date: 2010 Language: French Abstract: This study examines the relations between the Arab satellite channel (Al Jazeera) and the state of Qatar, in which it was born towards mid- 1990s. The study focuses on the links between a local political system that is of the rentier state, and the institutional and editorial inner operating system of Al Jazeera media channel. In this regard, the study highlights the journalistic practices taking place inside the newsroom and their relationship to the balance of power that dominates the ruling family in the host country. Hence, this work questions the paradoxical development of a ‘radical democratic’ discourse in one of the rentier states of the Gulf region. The study shows how a liberal and open pluralist media discourse was born in a non-democratic environment and how this development has been possible within a state, where no real political representation exists. Eventually the study tries to understand how, within a tribal social and political environment, a critical media discourse was born and was able to jeopardize the rules and conventions that govern the establishment of truth and the making of news in the West.


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