Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

56. Name: Sofiene Ammar Title: The Role of Professional Code of Ethics in Constructing the Collective Professional Identity of Al Jazeera’s Journalists Institution: Université Paris 13 Country: France Date: 2010 Language: French Abstract: This study examines the impact of professional codes of ethics on the conduct of journalists and the process of identity building in media organizations. In this regard, the study focuses on the conditions of production and dissemination of the professional code of ethics in constructing the professional identity of Al Jazeera journalists. It shows that the notion of ‘house’ is a meta-discourse, which produces professional, organizational, managerial and communicational rules, relations, and working systems. Such a meta-discourse has several functions and occupies a prominent position as a main vehicle for collective mobilization. This discourse also contributes to the protection, consolidation and perpetuation of the collective professional identity of Al Jazeera group of journalists, despite the diversity of their professional experiences, as well as the variety of cultures and backgrounds they belong to and come from. In addition, it has become clear that this meta- discourse promotes a certain idea of p​ rofessional journalism among the channel’s employee, which contributes to the creation of a new shared culture in relation to the Arab governments and the other Arab satellites news channels that compete with Al Jazeera.


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