Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

Comparative studies brought together the media in its various forms, including television, radio, newspapers, news agencies, websites, and social media. Al Jazeera was compared to a wide range of television channels such as BBC, CNN, Fox News, Sky News, PBS, Al-Hurra, Euro News, Russia Today, China’s CGTN, Japan’s NHK, Iran’s Press TV and Al-Alam, Korea’s Arirang TV, the Malaysian Bernama TV, The Singaporean NewsAsia, the French TF1, France2, TV5 and France 24, the German Deutsche Welle, the Spanish TVE, the Finnish YLE-1, the Turkish TRT, the Saudi Al Arabiya, MBC1, MBC3, Saudi Channel-1, Al Ekhbariya and Al-Majd, Abu Dhabi TV, Dubai TV, the Lebanese LBC, Al-Manar, Al Mayadeen, Al-Mustaqbal, the Egyptian Satellite Channel, Nile News, Dream TV, the Palestinian Al-Najah TV, Syria TV, Sama TV, ANN, the Iraqi Al Sumaria, the Libyan Al Jamahiriya and Al-Libiya, the Algerian An-Nahar, the Jordanian TV, Sudan TV, Khartoum TV, Ashorooq TV, Blue Nile, Yemen TV and the Ethiopian TV. Among radio stations, Al Jazeera was compared to BBC Radio, Radio Sawa, and Voice of the Arabs (Sawt Al-Arab). Newspapers with which Al Jazeera was compared include the New York Times, the Washington Post, Herald Tribune, USA Today, the Atlantic, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Guardian, the Telegraph, Le Monde, El País, China Daily, Times of India, Iran Review, the Brazilian Sao Paulo, the Finnish Helsinki Diary and Helsingin Sanomat, the Turkish Hürriyet, the Saudi Asharq Al-Awsat, the Egyptian Al-Masry Al-Youm, the Syrian Teshreen, the Tunisian La Persse and Le Temps, and the Moroccan Al- Massae. Comparative studies also compared Al Jazeera to Reuters, AP, AFP, Xinhua, Sputnik, Bahrain News Agency, and the Kurdish Furat news agency ANF. Regarding social media networks, studies included Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Various theoretical frameworks, methodological approaches and research tools have been employed in this rich and fascinating body of scholarship. Students who conducted research on Al Jazeera belong to numerous specializations, research fields and academic disciplines, including but not limited to: media and communication, political science, geopolitics, sociology, psychology, international relations, war and conflict studies, peace studies, diplomacy, cultural studies, Arab studies, Middle East studies, education, management, law, literature, languages and linguistics, translations, etc.


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