Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

Students and researchers will benefit from this compilation in different ways. It presents them with hundreds of research topics and a wealth of methodologies and analytical approaches. It also equips them with valuable information regarding the current state of research on Al Jazeera, so they build on the existing literature and take it further rather than replicate it. By putting together this significant body of academic research, which accumulated throughout the years, this volume will also be of great benefit to Al Jazeera itself. It sheds light on its experience from different angles and informs the staff and management at different levels of the magnitude of their network’s presence in the academic sphere. It is so interesting to see how this media phenomenon is perceived, researched and portrayed by an influential community such as the academia. This volume, which provides readers with one thousand (1000) academic lens, through which Al Jazeera can be seen, is more than an updated version of the previous edition published in 2016 under the title “Academic Research on Al Jazeera 1996-2016”. The number of studies included in the current edition has tripled, with many more topics, approaches, disciplines, universities and languages added. The accompanying table includes more than 300 universities in which PhDs and Masters on Al Jazeera were conducted. However, despite the amount of time and effort put in compiling this volume, we do not claim to have included all the research that has been done on Al Jazeera. Nonetheless, this is an unprecedented and unmatched collection of its kind put together in one publication. This work would not have been possible without the help and concerted effort of a number of colleagues at Al Jazeera Media Network and Al Jazeera Centre for Studies in particular. A number of students kindly provided us with the required information about their own research. Many thanks to them all and specifically to my former colleague at Al Jazeera Centre for Studies, Sara Nasr, whose contribution to the 2016 edition of the “Academic Research on Al Jazeera” was essential.


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