Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

73. Name: Dima Saber Title: From Nasser to Nasrallah Arab Identity through Media Narratives: A Semio-Pragmatic Analysis of the Media Representation of Three Symbols of the Arab Nation Institution: Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris II Country: France Date: 2011 Language: French Abstract: This study seeks to identify the role played by post-colonial Arab media in the mechanisms of identity construction. It conducts a comparative analysis of the representation of three main Arab figures on a number of selected Arab media outlets. The first case is Gamal Abdl Nasser on Egyptian radio station, The Voice of the Arabs between the fifties and the seventies. The second case is Yasser Arafat in Syrian and Iraqi newspapers, Al Thawra and Al Jumhuriyya between the sixties and the eighties. The third and last case is Hassan Nasrallah on Al Jazeera Satellite Channel since the liberation of Southern Lebanon in 2000 to the July war in 2006. The study ends with a chapter on Al Jazeera’s coverage of Egypt’s 2011 uprisings and the effects of social media networks on the satellite’s prime time news coverage. The project’s focus is the role of Arab media in the shift from the 1950s’ secular pan- Arabism to the 1980s’ rising political Islam, depicting how, through its coverage of various Arab wars and events, it affects the ways in which we define ourselves as Arabs.


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