Al Jazeera In 1000 Academic Studies

72. Name: Amal Al Tamimi Title: The Verbal Visual Biography: A Comparative Study of Al Jazeera, Al-Majd, Al-Ekhbariya and Al Arabiya Institution: University of King Saud Country: Saudi Arabia Date: 2011 Language: Arabic Abstract: This study discusses the concept of biography as a literary genre in visual media. The importance of biography stems from the increasing interest that television dialogue programmes have shown in addressing personal biographies. After the emergence of Al Jazeera, the freedom of the press flourished in Arab media paving the way for various types of television programmes to appear. Al Arabiya competes with Al Jazeera in consolidating cultural and intellectual dialogues, while Al-Majd and Al-Risala contribute to the consolidation of Islamic dialogues. This study contributes to the renewal of the concept of literary studies and introduces a new approach, enriching previous studies, which focus only on verbal literature. The study also opens up new prospects for the analysis of literature in its visual perspective by analyzing the following programmes: ‘A Private Visit’, ‘A Witness to the Age’, ‘Female Pioneers’, ‘Appointment in the Diaspora’ and ‘Prison Literature’ from Al Jazeera. ‘Pages of my Life’ and ‘One Family from Al-Majd. ‘Men in Memory’ and ‘Partners in the Challenge’ from Al-Ekhbariya. ‘Tributaries, ‘Saddam’s Trial’ and ‘The Life of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Arabiya.


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