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849, 99 $ SEULEMENT


Enceinte Bluetooth® portable. Bose SoundLink Revolve et Revolve Plus

Ensemble extérieur incluant deux enceintes extérieures 151® et un amplificateur SoundTouch SA-5.

Revolve Plus

249, 99 $ 329, 99 $


Rockin' Roller 2

Rockin' Roller mini

Tous les haut-parleurs, toutes les pièces. À l'intérieur ou sur la terrasse. CONNECT:AMP 649$

Enceinte sans fil portative intérieure/extérieure. Monster

249, 99 $

Savings you’ll love taking home.

RX-V581 - Receiver

WX-010 - Speaker

Digital Advantage For the first sixmonths| $67/mo. regular price $ 39 99 /mo. 2

Spend $ 450

Get a $ 450

account credit 1

With the purchase of three HD Receivers.

Over 190 Channels 3

Three Essential HD Receivers retail price: $449.97

AV Home Cinema 7.2 Channel Receiver, Yamaha RXV581B + Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker, Yamaha WX010

FREE basic installation on first three receivers 4

499, 99 $


See in-store for more details.

(1)Creditwillbeapplied to youraccountuponhardwareactivationand serviceactivation.Taxesextra. (2)DigitalAdvantage is$39.99permonth for the first sixmonths,$67permonthafter6-monthpromotionalperiod.Channelavailabilityvariesbymarket. Oƒeravailable toqualifiedcustomerswhohaven’tbeen subscribed toShawDirect for thepast 180days.Oƒeravailable fora limited timeand is subject tochangewithoutnotice.Taxesextra. (3)Channel listingvariesbymarket. (4)Installation isprovidedat nocost for the first threeEssentialHDReceivers. Installation feesapply toadditionalhardwareand range from$49.99 to$99.99.Maximumof6 receiversperaccount.Amulti-receiver fee (MRF)of$5.99mayapply forcustomerswith twoormore receivers. Shipping feesmayapply. (5)Second residencemustnotbe in the samecityasprimaryaccount,andcustomermustprovideproofof second residenceownership.50%oƒ isavailableon selectpackagesonly.AllShawDirect servicesare subject toourTerms ofServiceandPrivacyPolicy.©2017ShawCommunications Inc.AllRightsReserved.

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