gŏđŏŏ East Hawkesbury mayor seeks answers on pipeline

the new pipeline construction has not yet been determined. “The exact route of the pipeline has yet to be determined,” stated a company official in an email to the Tribune-Express,“and will be subject tomarket demand. In determining a final route for the proposed project, we will continue to consider a number of factors including safety, constructability, environ- mental sensitivities, land use compatibility, economics, vegetation, archeological and historical sites, as well as stakeholder and Aboriginal community input.” MP Pierre Lemieux reported during an April 12 phone interview that he knew of the pipeline project from a previous an- nouncement from the federal energy min- ister. But he was not aware at the time that the proposed route might go through his riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. He has since begun looking into the matter and gathering information. “Things like pipelines are market driven,” Lemieux said, adding that the whole project is still subject to NEB approval and control. “There is quite a process,” he said. “There are public consultations that have to be done and an environmental assessment. That’s all coordinated through the NEB.” “I’veneverhad anexperiencelikethis before.Wehave residentsherewondering.”

Rozon had spoken over the phone with the company’s representative but details of what the company planned to do were vague. “He said ‘We’re looking at putting a pipe- line in your township,’” said Kirby. “I’m just quoting what she said to me. He didn’t even meet with me or council. It makes us look stupid.” Rozon had two phone calls in mid-March from a TransCanada Corporation represen- tative and pressed him for more informa- tion on the company’s plans. “I asked for more details but they wouldn’t give me any details,” she said. “He didn’t want to say very much. He told me land- owners will be contacted. ‘We’re doing an energy survey.’ He was very evasive.” The company’s website at www.trans- states that the Eastern Energy project is a proposed 4,400-kilometre pipe- line that will move between 500,000 and 850,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Al- berta and Saskatchewan to Eastern Cana- dian refineries. Right now the company is holding a “binding open season”fromApril 15 to June 17 this year to get “firm long-term commit- ments from interested parties for the pipe- line.” Without secured commercial markets for the crude oil, the pipeline project may not go ahead or may end up modified. The Energy East project as planned would use 3,000 kilometres of existing pipelines for most of the proposed route. Construc- tion of 1,400 kilometres of new pipelines


EAST HAWKESBURY | Robert Kirby is puzzled. East Hawkesbury’s mayor would like to know more about a proposed trans-na- tional pipeline project that could be ship- ping Western Canadian oil east through his township’s backyard. Most of all he would like it if someone from the com- pany planning the project would have a face-to-face meeting with himself and his council to explain what is going on. “I find it surprising,” Kirby said following the April 10 session of the United Coun- ties of Prescott-Russell council (UCPR). “I’ve never had an experience like this be- fore. We have residents here wondering.” Both the UCPR office and East Hawkes- bury’s village office have received a phone call and a press release from a represen- tative for TransCanada Corporation, an Alberta-based energy company, indicat- ing that East Hawkesbury may be along the route for a proposed 4,400-kilometre pipeline to move crude oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to Eastern Canada. UCPR chief administrative officer Sté- phane Parisien told the counties council he has no other information about the project but is trying to get more and will provide an update as soon as he can. Mayor Kirby’s chief administrator Linda

Robert Kirby

and their support facilities would bridge the gaps between the existing pipeline sys- tems in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Eastern Ontario. Should the open season process prove successful the company will then begin the application process through the National Energy Board (NEB) for approval of building news pipelines with their support facilities. The goal is to have the new route ready for shipping crude oil by late 2017 to Québec refineries and by 2018 to refineries in New Brunswick. Whether or not East Hawkesbury will be on the pipeline route and a site for some of

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