Nilkamal Solution For Pharmaceuticals Industry


Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS) is practical storage system for the growing industry, optimizing space efficiency, adaptability and accessibility to all stored items. These are apt systems for warehouses, in-process goods and shop floor. In an Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS), throughput times are significantly shorter, picking and storage error rates decrease considerably, goods are always available and less floor space and storage volume are required. The computer-controlled system enables a permanently-available inventory.

• Goods-to-operator principle reduces access time - no walking, lifting, putting down etc. • Optimum utilization of available warehouse height, high storage density means high storage capacity in a minimum of space. • Every reference is directly accessible, high picking performance. • Automated in and out feeding allows convenient handling even of heavy-weight storage units. • Closed system prevents unauthorized access to goods. • Uprights can be supplied 30, 45 and 60mm wide for an optimum adaptation to different bay load requirements and building constraints. • Beams can be adjusted in 6.25mm increments which allows maximum utilisation of the building height. • Strict adherence set up for production & assembly ensures trouble free operation and maximum operational safety. • Integration of sophisticated live storage system technology allows direct order picking.

Disclaimer: Image and accessories shown may differ from the actual equipment. technical specifications are subject to change without any prior notice

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