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IMPROVE YOUR SPINE HEALTH BY IMPROVING YOUR POSTURE Your body was made to move, especially your spine. It is common for areas of your spine to tighten up, placing too much strain on other areas. When this happens, those areas can become irritated and painful. A common reason why this happens is due to poor posture. Posture plays a large role in our everyday lives. How you sit, stand, stretch, and lift all play a role in the pressures on your spine. Fortunately, Canyon Sports Therapy can help ease some of this physical stress. Specialized hands-on techniques and exercises can help restore the flexibility in your spine and improve your posture. Our dedicated physical therapists can also provide you with helpful lifestyle changes for improving your posture and spine health. Contact our office today to learn more!


When standing, walking, and sitting, imagine a string pulling you up through the top of your head. This brings your neck, shoulders and back into better alignment. Sitting is the position that puts the most pressure on the lower back. It is important to break up your sitting time throughout the day and take frequent breaks. Work in standing or walking tasks at various times throughout the day, limiting your sitting to about 30 minutes at a time. It is also important to make sure your core muscles are strong, as this is an integral part of practicing proper posture. Your core muscles are made up of your abdominal muscles, spinal muscles, and pelvic/hip muscles. It is very common for these muscles to become weak with prolonged sitting, before/ after pregnancy, and after surgeries or injuries. Strengthening your abdominal and hip muscles can go a long way to providing the necessary muscle support to your spine. Consult with one of our dedicated team members today to discuss how our individualized treatment plans can provide you with the best core exercises for your needs. PHYSICAL THERAPY CAN HELP Most spine pain comes from the following 4 trouble areas: 1. Poor posture and alignment. 2. Lack of knowledge on how to bend, lift, sit, sleep. 3. Lack of muscle strength. 4. Poor flexibility and muscle coordination. By improving posture and core strength, you can relieve some of these troublesome causes. There are a couple key ways that improving posture with your physical therapist can help promote spine health:


1. IT ENCOURAGES STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY. If you have struggled with poor posture for a while, there is a good chance that it will be difficult to maintain proper posture in the beginning. It may take some time in physical therapy to gain the strength and flexibility necessary to keep your ideal posture. Fortunately, the work you do with your physical therapist to achieve your physical goals will lead to greater overall fitness. The stronger and more flexible you get, the less likely you are to suffer from back pain on a regular basis. 2. IT IMPROVES FUNCTION FOR ALL ACTIVITIES. When we think of posture, many of us picture an image of static positions - such as sitting at a desk or standing up straight. However, proper posture can be (and should be) incorporated into everything we do. Through physical therapy treatments, your physical therapist will guide you on how to maintain proper posture during all of your favorite activities, such as walking, running, and playing sports. The improved posture you adopt in each activity will lessen the wear and tear you put on your spine, which minimizes The ways in which you use your spine can actually cause changes to your anatomy. The stress caused by sitting hunched can eventually lead to damage of your muscles, joints, spinal discs, and the nerves and blood vessels that travel through your spine. Fortunately, in many cases the damage can be reversed, if you engage in targeted physical therapy treatments and learn how to maintain proper posture. IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE WITH CANYON SPORTS THERAPY TODAY! Physical therapy is the right solution to improving your posture and spinal health. Get back to your optimumhealth by consulting with a licensed physical therapist. Contact our office today to get started on the path toward better posture and decreased pain! We’ll help you achieve the strong spine health you need. the risk of developing back pain from these activities. 3. IT AVOIDS HARMFUL ANATOMICAL CHANGES.

FOLLOW US FOR UPDATES! Feel free to follow us on social media to stay up to date with Canyon Sports Therapy and follow our facility’s transformation! HEAR WHAT OUR PATIENTS ARE SAYING “I had just finished a whole summer’s worth of tearingmy body down for football. The week before our first game, someone fell on the back of my leg and I sprained my MCL. The minute it happened I felt so disappointed. I went to the doctor’s office to get it checked out and thank God it was only a sprain. My friend hurt his knee the same day, he tore his ACL and he has to sit out his whole senior season. That made me realize how lucky I am to still have the chance to play. I was skeptical going into physical therapy but now I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to safely get back onto the field. After a few sessions at Canyon Sports Therapy, I’ve never felt stronger. I’m ready to play and I can’t wait to see those Friday night lights.” - M.K.

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WALL PLANKS Position yourself with your forearms against a wall as shown. Keep your trunk engaged, making sure to not let your lower back arch. Hold for 10 seconds, then rest. Repeat exercise throughout the day to strengthen your core and back muscles.

Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

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INGREDIENTS • 3 cups whole-milk plain Greek yogurt • ¼ cup pure maple syrup or honey • 1 tspn vanilla extract • 1½ cups sliced strawberries • ¼ cup mini chocolate chips

DIRECTIONS Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Stir yogurt, maple syrup (or honey) and vanilla in a medium bowl. Spread on the prepared baking sheet into a 10-by-15-inch rectangle. Scatter the strawberries on top and sprinkle with chocolate chips. Freeze until very firm, at least 3 hours. To serve, cut or break into 32 pieces. To make ahead: Freeze airtight between sheets of parchment for up to 1 month; let stand at room temperature for 15 minutes before serving.

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