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The first full week in May is Teacher Appreciation Week. I want to take a moment to shout out the public school teachers out there who work hard to educate our kids every day. I’m a big supporter of public education; I attended public school myself back in North Carolina. Public education really is the great equalizer: It’s an opportunity for everyone, regardless of their circumstances, to learn and improve themselves. This year, I want to really celebrate our local teachers, which is why we’ve launched our Champions in the Classroom: Teacher of the Year Contest.

Murray, who taught history; and Dr. Lassiter, who taught psychology and statistics. Of all the teachers I had, Dr. Lassister was one of my top favorites. I am horrible at math, but I hit it out of the park in Dr. Lassiter’s statistics class. I got an A+ on every exam thanks to the way Dr. Lassister taught the material and engaged with our class.

When I moved on to law school, my favorite teacher was Professor Creswell, who was an excellent torts professor. Torts was one of my favorite subjects in law school, and Professor Creswell was always really prepared. You could tell he was passionate about teaching, and that made the students passionate about learning. Since my daughter started kindergarten, I’ve seen the importance of teachers in a new light. My daughter’s teacher spends more time during the day with her than I do. It’s important that this person be responsible for taking care of her and making sure she’s okay. Additionally, I really love seeing my daughter come home excited because she learned something new at school that day. Having a teacher who loves their subject and can really engage with their students is important no matter how old the students are. If you know an amazing teacher who works at a public school in Cobb County, we invite you to nominate them as Teacher of the Year. Visit champions-in-the-classroom to cast your vote. Voting ends on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, and the teacher with the most votes will be named the winner.

Our law firm wants to recognize a truly special public school teacher in Cobb County chosen by the members of the community. The winning teacher will receive $2,500, and their school will also receive $2,500. Nominations are open, and any teacher who works at a public school in Cobb County is eligible. This is just our way of saying thank you. It’s no secret that teachers are extremely undervalued, by both our society and the students they teach. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you the names of some of my high school teachers without breaking out the yearbook. At the time, I didn’t recognize how hard they worked. Fortunately, becoming a lawyer meant I had to attend school for a while after graduating from high school. Many of my favorite teachers were in college and law school. I attended Methodist University in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where my dad happened to be a professor. My dad wasn’t one of my teachers, but I had a lot of great professors, like Dr. Ziegler, who taught political science; Dr. “OUR LAW FIRM WANTS TO RECOGNIZE A TRULY SPECIAL PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER IN COBB COUNTY CHOSEN BY MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY.”

Here’s to the great teachers out there. Thank you for all the work you do.

–Darl Champion

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