GWO Requirements for Training Providers V12

GWO Requirements for Training Providers

e) the facilities shall be designed to enable each course participant to see, hear and fully participate in the training instance. f) the practical training facilities must incorporate as many identical or comparable elements to a real wind turbine working environment as possible.

g) risk assessments shall be conducted and documented for all training facilities. h) the training provider shall hold the required permits to operate the facilities.

8.2 Training Site Settings GWO training can be conducted in the following specified settings:

a) fixed training facilities b) mobile training facilities c) on-site training (field training) d) digital learning A training provider may operate several training settings at different locations. All of the above requirements apply to all training settings. In the following sub-sections, special provisions and requirements for each setting are explained. Fixed Training Facility 8.2.1 A training location is considered to be a fixed training facility where a GWO-certified training provider performs regularly planned training using known equipment and facilities located in a permanent location, where the training provider’s risk management is supported by the permanent training environment. The fixed training facility setting must be audited for every module the training provider wishes to deliver in this setting.


A separate WINDA profile is created for each fixed training facility operated by a training provider. A training provider with several fixed training facilities may be audited by a different certification body at each fixed site. Special provisions apply for multi-sites as explained in the Requirements for Certification Bodies.

Mobile Training Facility 8.2.3

A mobile unit designed to be transported and to recreate a dedicated, controlled training environment at a new temporary location is considered as a mobile training facility. The mobile training facility setting must be audited for every module the training provider wishes to deliver in this setting. A new risk assessment must be carried out and documented for each new temporary location prior to training delivery. This risk assessment must consider the limitations of the mobile unit and describe mitigations. The risk assessment and mitigations must be signed off by at least one of the responsible instructors at each site before use.




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