Requirements Training V14 20231204

Training systems

Requirements for Training / V14 2023-12-04

b. online presentations made by an instructor that are broadcasted in real time or recorded (i.e. podcasts)


webinars and virtual classrooms


virtual and augmented reality

e. blended learning with a mixture of digital and traditional learning

f. other technologies that support or enable the delivery of training via digital means

Note The GWO Taxonomy Framework which describes learning objectives is given in Annex 4.

Learning objectives within the domain of knowledge may be taught and assessed using digital learning methods including those listed above.

Learning objectives within the domains of skill and ability require that the course participants be able to demonstrate an ability in a scenario that is similar to a real work situation. In addition to safety aspects, demonstration by course participants involves body motor functions, spatial understanding, and tactile elements. Special attention must be given to these aspects when applying digital learning to these domains. 7.2.15 Training providers who employ digital learning technologies during GWO standards and modules training must have specific procedures in place for the use of these technologies, including describing how the applied technology limits and/or enhances opportunities for interaction with the learning material and the instructions. The procedures and descriptions must detail how these limitations are mitigated

7.2.16 Training providers who use digital learning technologies must have systems in place to enable the training provider to assess whether the course participant has achieved the learning objectives

7.2.17 If the digital solution incorporates elements of recording the course participant, the course participant must be advised of this and give prior consent

7.2.18 Any system employed for the delivery of digital learning solutions must:

a. incorporate a high level of realism and fidelity with a wind turbine environment, to enable the course participant to use the knowledge, skills and ability in real-world work situations in accordance with the GWO training standard or module being delivered

b. incorporate a system whereby the training provider can verify the identity of participants in the training, and assess the individual course participant’s learning

7.2.19 Where course participants attend digital learning at a location other than the training centre, the training provider must make reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of the course participants while participating in the training

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