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Requirements for Training / V14 2023-12-04

7.2.7 A training provider may have several mobile training. Special provisions apply for multi-sites as explained in the Requirements for Certification section 7

On-Site Training (Field Training) 7.2.8 On-site training is when training takes place in the field (for example, at local wind turbines). In these cases, a portion of the training can also be delivered in a location such as a small service centre, office environment, or similar, but certification for that location as a fixed training facility is not required

7.2.9 On-site training also includes when training takes place during a maximum of 12-month period at a fixed training facility that is not the training providers’ own GWO certified fixed training facility

7.2.10 Risk and quality management are key when training on-site, meaning GWO requirements will explicitly focus on these areas. To receive an audit and the approval to conduct GWO training in an on-site environment, the training provider must: a. already operate one or more GWO-certified fixed and/or mobile training facilities that can support ongoing instructor qualification in accordance with GWO requirements. A training provider may be certified to deliver any standards or modules in the on-site training environment regardless of which standards or modules are certified for fixed and/or mobile training. And b. create a risk assessment and control measures document prior to each training delivery. This risk assessment must consider the limitations of the location used for on-site (field) training and describe mitigations. The risk assessment must take into consideration local risk factors on the day of training (including, but not limited to weather and safe evacuation procedures). Further, it must testify that the equipment and locations are safe and functional, as well as being compliant with the relevant GWO standard or module. The document must carry the signature of at least two competent persons, usually one of the instructors and a person representing the legal owner of the on-site structure, prior to training delivery 7.2.11 Between audits, the training provider may deliver training at several sites. All records including the location- specific risk assessments associated with each training delivery shall be kept and a representative sample of records shall be reviewed by the auditor during surveillance audits

7.2.12 If approved for on-site training, the training provider shall use the WINDA profile associated with the fixed training facility or mobile training facility that is used as the basis for supporting on-site training delivery

Digital Learning 7.2.13 Digital learning technologies may be used by training providers already certified by GWO. The digital learning set-up must be audited for every standard and module the training provider wishes to deliver in this setting.

7.2.14 Digital learning technologies considered include the following:

a. interactive e-lessons that include text, images, video, audio, animations and practice (e.g. questions and feedback)

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