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Requirements for Training / V13 2023-05-02

9.1.8 All training shall be conducted safely, and at least one person with first aid qualifications shall be present during all practical training 9.1.9 Practical exercises shall not place undue physical or mental demands on the course participants beyond that which is required to meet the learning objectives of the GWO standard or module being taught 9.1.10 When the training is not done in one sequence, the training provider must ensure the following elements are covered in the training execution a. the identity of the participant is verified for each element of the training b. the training is completed within a maximum of 28 days c. the whole curriculum is covered d. that theory and safety learning objectives previously covered in the training are verified for all participants by the instructor within 24 hours before participation in the practical activity 9.2 Course Participant Prerequisites The training provider must ensure the following: 9.2.1 All course participants shall conform to any GWO prerequisites for the specific standard and modules as well as personal legal obligations 9.2.2 The course participant shall have created a personal profile in WINDA, and have provided their WINDA ID prior to completing the GWO training 9.2.3 The course participants shall be medically fit, appear well-rested and be capable of fully participating showing no signs of fatigue, substance abuse or sickness 9.2.4 If there is any doubt regarding the medical fitness or ability to fully participate safely of any course participant, the training provider shall stop training the course participant, and refer to the course participant’s immediate manager or seek a physician’s advice in so far as this is permitted by applicable legislation 9.2.5 Training providers shall have a procedure that informs the course participants of the physical demands of the training, and shall, prior to attendance, require course participants to sign a statement testifying to their medical fitness. Annex 2 contains an example of a ‘medical self-assessment form’. This may be used if no other equivalent procedure is in place 9.2.6 When attending refresher training, the course participants must do so before the expiry of the previous training record’s validity period 9.3 Contact Time and Instructor-to-Course Participant Ratios 9.3.1 The training provider must not exceed the instructor to course participant ratio shown for each GWO standard and module

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