Requirements Training V14 20231204

Training systems

Requirements for Training / V14 2023-12-04

9.3.4 The total training day must not exceed 10 hours per day, including meals, breaks and travel between training sites

9.3.5 Total training direct contact time must not exceed eight hours per day. Contact time includes delivery of course lesson contents, practical exercises and activities directly related to these

9.4 Participant Performance Assessment

9.4.1 The performance of course participants shall be assessed according to the learning outcomes by means of direct observation and oral and/or written questions, where appropriate

9.4.2 The instructor shall document participants attendance by an attendance record (signed daily by each course participant) or alternative verification method, as well as their performance assessment. The performance assessment shall be used throughout the course to give feedback to guide the participant to successful learning, as well as keeping track of non-conformities with regards to safety, competency or attitude

9.4.3 The performance assessment shall be used as documentary evidence of successful training having taken place and support the uploading of records of training into WINDA

9.4.4 In the event that a course participant does not meet the stated learning objectives, the training provider shall have a documented procedure enabling their appeal

9.4.5 An example of a course participant performance assessment form is provided in Annex 1. The training provider may adapt the form to other media

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