GWO Requirements for Training Providers V12

GWO Requirements for Training Providers

On the advanced level, feedback must be conducted in a dialog where exploratory questions are the generator for the participants’ reflections. (Examples are provided in the taxonomy in relevant sections) Fidelity Fidelity is about creating training environments that are realistic and as similar to reality as possible. By focussing on creating fidelity in the training environment, the transfer of knowledge, skills, and abilities from the training situation to the actual work reality is facilitated 6 . The level of fidelity should be a balance between, on the one hand, a supportive learning environment and, on the other hand, the need for realism in the learning situation. Therefore, fidelity may be lowered in learning activities at the basic learning levels, where focus should be on both safety and learning environment that supports the participants development. When moving to the intermediate or advanced levels of learning, fidelity should be adjusted towards the actual work environment.

6 Bjarne Wahlgren (2010). Voksnes læreprocesser (Eng.: Adult Learning Processes)


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