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Requirements for Training / V14 2023-12-04

1.3 Knowledge at the Intermediate Level


The intermediate level is about the participants knowing how to behave or utilise tools and techniques. Knowledge at this level can be observed as the participants explain their understanding. At the intermediate level, the participant can account for how things are done and what to do in commonly known situations in the professional context or can explain how a piece of equipment or a tool is used.

Action Verb

Examples of applying action verbs in a learning objective

The participants can explain how the individual components affect each other and make up a whole. The participants can explain the relations between risks, procedures or processes in relevant environments and possible effects of these relations. (Risks and benefits). The participants can explain how chosen actions or procedures can mitigate risks or improve actual processes or procedures. The participants can discuss the current topic with colleagues and other personnel at hand including pros and cons, risks and possible (standardised) actions.



How does the participant acquire knowledge at the intermediate level?

Individual reflection is essential to gain knowledge at the intermediate level. Participants need to both consider and test their understanding and to put it into play through dialogue and discussion. Through assessing each other’s answers participants re-visit topics which leads to enhanced learning outcomes. Critical reflection is prompted when the participants are challenged to find correct answers by themselves. At the same time this fosters commitment and motivation. Social interaction is important, because sharing perspectives and experiences helps to expand the participants’ understanding and familiarity with the subject at hand. Feedback is a particularly strong learning accelerator provided it is focused on what the participant has misunderstood, how this can be corrected and where improvement can be made.

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