Training systems

Requirements for Training / V13 2023-05-02

By reflecting on how experiences and new information is best used to solve a given task, the participant finds out to what extent the skills, knowledge and attitudes are sufficient to get the things done properly. Positive motivation is the driving force for the participant to engage in the learning activities.

What activities will facilitate the learning process for the participants at the basic level?

1) Case scenarios and practical exercises, where the participants try (with just sufficient supervision or instruction) for themselves. 2) Discussions where participants share expectations and attitudes toward e.g. a challenge, their professionalism in general, or the safety at the workplace and in the work community. 3) Feedback must be provided to correct faults and encourage the participant for further engagement. An exercise should only be intervened when serious errors or safety violations occur. This way the learning flow of actions steps is not interrupted. 4) A focused effort should be made to promote participant motivation and interest in taking responsibility and ownership of the work conducted. Topics could be the individual’s role or part in the actual working community in relation to professionalism, work safety and mutual responsibility in the work conducted. 5) When possible, supervision and instructions must be reduced to challenge the participants to take initiative and practise on their own.

Evaluation methods in coherence with learning objectives and activities

The evaluation of participants’ abilities requires participants to express their thoughts on, and attitudes to, a subject. This may be done through presentations of group reflections or by observing exercises that challenge participants to decide on an action and execute it. Abilities must be observed and evaluated when the participants are practicing or demonstrating the actual ability described in the learning objectives. The environment of the evaluation must be similar to the environment where the participants practised the actual ability.

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