Training systems

Requirements for Training / V13 2023-05-02

The participant develops the responsible attitude and mindsets when reflecting on: “what can I do to maintain or develop e.g. a safe work environment; a positive social community; a professional work community or a holistic attitude to the organisation or the operation of the work site?”

What activities will facilitate the learning process for the participants at the intermediate level?

1) Prompting the participants to bring their own understanding and experience into play to develop commitment, responsibility, and willingness to take the initiative when needed. 2) Training tasks that are as close as possible to work reality to ensure the interrelation of fidelity and transfer. 3) Simulations that intensify environmental challenges and balance risks wisely to foster courage and determination. 4) Scenario based assignments where participants acknowledge their roles and mutual responsibilities. 5) Feedback and questions should be focused on the participants’ immediate experiences from the learning activity. 6) Discussions and other reflective activities should be facilitated to promote further reflection and mindset development for the participants.

Evaluation methods in coherence with learning objectives and activities

1) The evaluation of participants’ abilities requires participants to express their thoughts and attitudes on a subject. This must be done through presentations of group reflections or by conducting exercises that challenge participants to take initiative, take responsibility and act without instructions or guidance.

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