GWO Requirements for Training Providers V12

GWO Requirements for Training Providers

6. The Certification Process Training providers seeking certification to offer GWO training shall be audited to demonstrate compliance with the following four sections of the quality management system, as detailed in: Section 7 – Supporting processes Section 8 – Equipment and physical resources Section 9 – Instructor qualifications Section 10 – Training and assessment The certification process differs from a simple management systems audit in the attention to the delivery of training, taxonomy and learning transfer. All GWO training provider shall be registered in GWO’s WINDA platform to record, monitor and transfer training, audit and certification record. New training providers seeking to become registered GWO training providers shall be registered by their associated GWO certified auditor (and in turn) their certification body. To obtain and maintain approval as a GWO certified training provider, training provider organisations shall be subject to an audit process performed by an accredited certification body that fulfils the requirements of GWO’s Requirements for Certification Bodies document and listed as an approved certification body on WINDA. The full process requires an initial audit followed by annual audits for surveillance (initial) and surveillance (re-certification), as detailed in the aforementioned document

7. Supporting Processes

The training provider must have a formally documented quality management system for assuring the quality, content and safety of training and assessment, and compliance with the GWO requirements and standards. The training provider must have an explicit policy for implementing and maintaining the validity of GWO training standard(s), which must be signed by the legal duty holder. The policy must state which modules the training provider is certified to deliver. As a minimum, the supporting processes shall include the following: a. description of organisation, roles and responsibilities b. handling of training records c. risk assessment and mitigations, non-conformities and incident reporting

7.1 Organisation, roles and responsibilities The training provider must: 7.1.1

Have a clearly defined organisation with documented staff roles, responsibilities and authorities for the supporting processes, equipment and physical resources, instructor competencies and delivery (training and assessment) of the GWO training standard courses or course modules.


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