GWO Requirements for Training Providers V12

GWO Requirements for Training Providers


Ensure (at a minimum of once every 12 months reviews) training providers’ delivery of GWO training standard courses and course modules, and compliance with certification requirements and the policy and objectives are reviewed by senior management. Ensure (at a minimum of once every 12 months) internal audits are conducted by personnel with an auditing background and with no conflicting interest in the area(s) being audited, to ensure quality and the objective evaluation of all system activities. Have in place documented procedures describing how to handle documents and records in relation to the approval, review or identification of changes and revisions, access, etc. Upon completion of training and within no more than 10 business days, the training provider must ensure the following records of training are uploaded into WINDA: 1) course participant WINDA ID 2) applicable GWO standard training module (course code) 3) completion date of training module 4) previous course valid until date (only applicable to refresher training modules) In addition to the above, the training provider must keep verifiable matching records of: 1) course participants’ first name and last name, as written in passport or other official documents 2) daily attendance of all participants. 3) name(s) of instructor(s) delivering course 4) site of training conducted (location and country) 5) course participant assessment form for the course delivered 6) participant acknowledgement of performance assessment 7) if gap training has been delivered on base of merit, documentation of pre-existing qualification 8) training setting as per section 8.2 These records must be stored for at least two years and three months from the completion date for training records that require a refresher training every 24 months, and a minimum of five years and three months for training records that do not require a refresher training. The maintenance, updating and backup of systems to keep these records must be carried out in accordance with international, national, regional and local legal regulations concerning data storage and IT systems security. Upon request from GWO Secretariat or any of the members of GWO, the training provider shall be able to verify the training documentation described in 7.2.2 including, but not limited to, daily attendance records, training and competence records of any specific person attending a course and/or performing training of a course by name and nationality.



7.2 Documentation and training records 7.2.1






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