Requirements Training V14 20231204

Training systems

Requirements for Training / V14 2023-12-04

programmes and the instructor’s delivery of training for all sites (settings) and all modules certified to be delivered according to GWO

6.3.2 A procedure describing how to handle non-conformities, including customer complaints. Copies of recorded non-conformities, including customer complaints received, must be provided to GWO upon request

6.3.3 A procedure for course participants to appeal against assessment decisions. Copies of appeals must be provided to GWO upon request

6.3.4 Ensuring a course participant satisfaction programme for the delivered training is in place, and that results are published on the training provider’s website. If training occurs in-house, the satisfaction programme results must be published in a relevant and accessible place for course participants and internal procurers of training. Copies of the satisfaction programme results must be provided to GWO upon request 6.3.5 A system for recording incidents (including near-misses) during delivery of GWO standards and modules training. The incident categories shall mirror the Incident Reporting and Root Cause Analysis Guidelines found in Annex 3 6.3.6 The training provider must inform GWO of incidents within 24 hours if the incident is significant and within 7 days for all other incidents, as defined in the Incident Reporting and Root Cause Analysis Guidelines in Annex 3 7. EQUIPMENT AND PHYSICAL RESOURCES The training provider must clearly demonstrate that there are adequate resources to ensure that the training and assessment can be consistently delivered in accordance with the GWO standards and modules

7.1 General Requirements for Equipment and Physical Resources

7.1.1 Resource requirements shall be identified and made available for the delivery of training, in accordance with the GWO standard or module being delivered

7.1.2 The training provider has the responsibility to safely deliver GWO standards and modules training by ensuring that the facilities and equipment are safe and functional, by means of the following:

a. the training area shall be clearly marked and free of distractions, including mobile phone usage

b. the full range of facilities and equipment relevant to the standards and modules delivered shall be available during the training

c. all equipment and facilities must adhere to the applicable legislation, standards and guidelines for facilities and equipment

d. a documented maintenance schedule must be carried out based on the frequency of equipment use, relevant risk assessments and other obligations as listed above. If the equipment and/or facilities belong to a third party, the training provider must ensure that a documented maintenance schedule as described above is followed for the equipment/facility

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