I Need Treatment For My Aches & Pains

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“I Need Treatment For My Aches & Pains.” Physical Therapy Is Your Best Option For Pain Relief

ICE & HEAT For muscle pain fromoveruse or injury, rest that body part and apply ice for the first 24 - 72 hours of an injury to reduce pain and inflammation. After that, heat often feels more soothing and helps blood flow. SLEEP Be sure to get plenty of sleep to allow your body to heal. The amount of sleep you need is dependent on your body. Some people only require 7 hours, others 9. Also, make sure you have a good mattress and sleep on your side or back with pillow support for your legs. If you sleep on your side, put the pillow between your legs. If you sleep on your back, put the pillow behind your thighs.

Are you one of the many people who suffer from aches and pains in their neck or back? Each episode of back ache or pain can become progressively worse, lasting longer and traveling to the arms, buttocks or legs. If you don’t stop the cycle of pain and discover the root cause, the damage to your body may lead to eventual failure of the spinal structures. However, if you address and treat the cause of your pain early through the right physical therapy, drastic measures such as surgery can often be avoided. Here are some suggestions to help ease your pain:

“ Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.” - National Institute of health, Jan. 2010


Treating Your Aches & Pains Naturally Essential Ways To Gain Pain Relief

EXERCISE Regular exercise restores proper muscle tone. Walking, cycling and swimming are good aerobic activities to try. Be sure to warm up before exercising and cool down afterward. Our experts at Synergy Therapeutic Group Physical Therapy teach you stretching, toning and aerobic exercises to feel better and stay pain-free. Drink lots of fluids, begin slowly and increase workouts gradually. Avoid high-impact aerobic activities and weight lifting when injured or while in pain. Consult one of our experts or your doctor before trying exercises you are unsure of doing.

PHYSICAL THERAPY Throughspecializedhandson techniques, physical therapy addresses the poor alignment and dysfunction of the spine which can irritate and cause pressure on nerves. Physical therapy is the science of restoring pain-free movement with exercises and hands on treatments. Both principles are applied to the body when an injury is sustained and facilitate a great recovery. If you are suffering from aches and pains, call us today to learn more how we can help you return to a pain-free active lifestyle and maintain optimum health!

Call Synergy If You Are Experiencing The Following: • Your muscle pain persists beyond 3 days • You have severe, unexplained pain • You have any sign of infection, like swelling or redness around the tender muscle • You have poor circulation in the area where you have muscle aches (for example, in your legs) • Your muscle pain has been associated with starting or changing doses of a medicine

EatToReduce Inflammation An Anti-Inflammatory Diet To Improve Pain

Think Synergy FIRST

Why You Need To Come In For Another Check-Up:

Fatty fish . Oily fish, like salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines, are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help reduce inflammation. To get the benefits, however, you need to eat fish several times a week, and it should be cooked in healthy ways: In a 2009 study from the University of Hawaii, men who ate baked or boiled fish (as opposed to fried, dried, or salted) cut their risk of heart disease by 23% compared to those who ate the least. Dark Leafy Greens . Studies have suggested that vitamin E may play a key role in protecting the body from pro-inflammatory molecules called cytokines—and one of the best sources of this vitamin is dark green veggies, such as spinach, kale, broccoli, and collard greens.

Dark greens and cruciferous vegetables also tend to have higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals—like calcium, iron, and disease-fighting phytochemicals— than those with lighter-colored leaves. Nuts. Another source of inflammation-fighting healthy fats is nuts—particularly almonds, which are rich in fiber, calcium, and vitamin E, and walnuts, which have high amounts of alpha-linolenic acid, a type of omega-3 fat. All nuts, though, are packed with antioxidants, which can help your body fight off and repair the damage caused by inflammation. Nuts (along with fish, leafy greens, and whole grains) are a big part of the Mediterranean diet, which has been shown to reduce inflammation in as little as six weeks.

� Move without pain � Bend and move freely

� Balance confidently and securely � Sit for long periods comfortably � Walk for long distances � Live an active and healthy lifestyle


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Do You Suffer With Any of The Following Symptoms?

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• Pain while bending or reaching • Soreness after sitting awhile • Difficulty standing for > 20 mins

• Pain when trying to sleep • Pain when driving > 30 mins • Radiating pain to buttocks


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Relieve Pain In Minutes Without Pain Medication!

Try this simple exercise to keep you moving...

LOWER TRUNK ROTATIONS Lying on your back with your knees bent, gently rock your knees side-to-side. Repeat 8 times on both sides.

Improves Mobility



Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

Patient Success Spotlight

I never thought I would feel this good again!

“I have been receiving treatments for two weeks and can see a big difference in my pain levels. I do not have constant pain anymore. My strength and stamina has improved as well. I never thought that I would feel this good again. The staff are so caring. I love going to my therapy sessions.” - Teresa S. Synergy THERAPEUTIC GROUP synergytherapeuticgroup.com

Carbondale 618-529-4360 Du Quoin 618-542-8950

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