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O’Grady honoured for dedicated environmental service


GREGG CHAMBERLAIN The mayors of Prescott-Russell are wor- ried about howprovincial budgeting plans may be affecting regional health unit office maintenance. Counties council reviewed and appro- ved its support for this year’s budget propo- sal from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU). That appro- val also covers the United Counties of Prescott-Russell’s (UCPR) contribution of about $1.3 million to the support fun- ding for the EOHU. “We are the biggest population area,” saidWarden Gary Barton, “and so the biggest funder.” The provincial government still pro- vides the lion’s share of support funds for the EOHU, at about $9.4 million this year, through the cost-sharing agreement it has with regional health units.The UCPR is next in line for financial aid to the EOHU, fol- lowed by the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry (UCSDG) at about $1 million for this year’s health unit $12.5 million budget. The City of Cornwall is the remaining contributor at about $740,000 this year. Warden Barton and other mayors ex- Dennis O’Grady still has a couple of months yet before his official retirement as general manager for the SouthNation Conservation Authority. That did not prevent the board of directors and others from offering him early honours during the agency’s recent annual general meeting. “You have been a great asset to the autho- rity,” said Doug Thompson, chairman for the South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) during his opening remarks prior to the start of the official agenda. Denis Perrault, a former SNC chairman, provided historical context to O’Grady’s time with the SNC, both as general manager and during his earlier years with the agency in various other posts. “I can still remember the first time that I met Dennis,” Perrault said, adding that he mistook O’Grady for a student worker then, not realizing the other was SNC’s youthful general manager. Perrault noted that one of O’Grady’s great strengths over the years as a general manager is his ability to make sure that all members of the SNC board are aware and up-to-date on what SNC staff are working on and the projects and programs that the agency is involved in or trying to set up. Perreault also observed O’Grady has demonstrated great respect and openness

Dennis O’Grady (au centre) se retire plus tard cette année en tant que directeur général de la SouthNation Conservation Authority, mais il a reçu un premier honneur lors de l’assemblée générale annuelle de l’agence pour ses années de service dédié à l’environnement local. O’Grady et Angela Coleman (à gauche), son remplaçant comme directeur général, DougThompson, ancien président de SNC, Denis Perrault, ancien président de SNC, et François St-Amour, président de SNC pour 2017, posent pour une photo de groupe à la fin de la réunion. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

in dealing with the municipal members of the SNC region on the concerns of their communities.

“Thank you verymuch from the whole of the watershed,” Perrault said. “He (O’Grady) cares so much for the watershed.”

A formal celebration event for O’Grady’s official retirement day is planned for later in May at the SNC office in Finch.

Counties concerned over EOHU office cuts


pressed concern about how funding cuts throughout the provincial budget may be affecting the EOHU’s own operations. Bar- ton noted that the EOHU is making some changes in its overall office hours and staf- fing plans though it will continue to provide all of its existing services as usual. “There will continue to be a presence

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in the municipali- ties where there is an (EOHU) office,” Bar- ton said. “No services will be cut.” He noted that the EOHU’s outlying of- fices may see some reduction in open office hours. Hawkes- bury Mayor Jeanne Charlebois expressed concern, adding that

L’unité régionale de santé dispose d’un nouveau budget opérationnel. Le conseil des comtés s’inquiète de la façon dont les réductions de l’aide financière provinciale vont affecter l’exploitation des bureaux régionaux des services de santé dans Prescott-Russell.

separate glass showers.


her community’s EOHU office sees a great deal of use from the municipality’s seniors sector.

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