Hope Parkinson Newsletter

National Parkinson’s Awareness Month in April • Over one million families are living with PD in the United States. • Approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with PD each year. • More than 10 million people worldwide are living with PD. Although we don’t know the difficult personal stories behind each of these numbers, we know that people with PD and their families need help. These statistics are important in attracting the notice of state, federal, and national governments that allocate money to PD-related research. It also signals the pharmaceutical industry that there is a growing urgency for finding treatments. Finally, the statistics give power to communities that advocate for more help for everyone affected by PD. During National Parkinson’s Awareness Help flood the White House with letters to support Parkinson’s disease initiatives! The ‘Give a Dime’ effort is inspired by the 1938 March of Dimes campaign to end polio. Today, we can do the same for Parkinson’s. Go to endingpd.org/letter to send your request to join the cause. After receiving your red card in the mail, sign and personalize it. Then add a postage stamp, and put it in the mail. It’s that simple! The card reads: Dear Mr. President, In 1938, FDR and millions of Americans led a march of dimes to end polio. Today, Parkinson’s is the world’s fastest-growing brain disease, affecting 1.2 million Americans. We give a dime about Parkinson’s, and together we can end it. How? • Ban paraquat, chlorpyrifos, and trichloroethylene – these chemicals all increase the risk of Parkinson’s. Like other countries, the U.S. should ban these substances. • Make Medicare’s coverage of telemedicine permanent – Covid-19 has shown us that telemedicine is feasible, effective, and convenient. Let’s keep it accessible. • Increase Parkinson’s research funding ten-fold – over the past decade, inflation-adjusted NIH funding for Parkinson’s has decreased, while the number of Americans with the disease has increased 35%. If we take these actions today, we can turn the tide of Parkinson’s. Let’s act together. Month this April, we invite you to share these facts to help spread the word! Letter Writing Campaign to Help End Parkinson’s

You can also email the same information if you live outside of the United States. If you’re interested in receiving more copies for your family, friends, and neighbors to sign, you can email info@endingpd.org.

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