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Marie-Claire Ivanski, full-time volunteer

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Ivanski, or Lady Claire Lambert Shake- speare as she is known during the event, points to a picture of a woman dressed in Victorian clothing. “That’s my friend Claire” she said.





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EMBRUN | A quick gaze around Marie- Claire Ivanski’s elegant house reveals her passion for butterflies. Pictures, decorative plates as well as the tablecloth are all decorated with the small insect. All are reminders of her positive out- look on life. “I’ve always loved butterflies” said Ivanski with a warm smile. “When they (butterflies) come out of their cocoon, they start a new life.” Although overflowing with kindness and positive attitude, Ivanski admits that she has had rough times in her life. “I suffered several life-altering injuries fol- lowing a car accident 20 years ago”, said the

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“We require our servers to be dressed in early 19th cen- tury clothing, but people attend-

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ing don’t need to go all out”. Some past par ticipants have sported old hats, while others weren’t dressed up.


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president of Friends For Life, an organization that specializes in fun- draising for the Breast Cancer Foundation. “But I have to say it

was the best thing that has ever hap- pened to me” she quickly added with a smile. Following her early retirement and the loss of her beloved job

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as an assistant optom- etrist, Ivanski found her- self wondering what the future had in store for her. All this changed when one of her very close friends passed away from breast cancer in 2006. “We lost not only a good friend, but also a mother and a wife,” she said with teary eyes. “That’s when I realised that breast cancer affects so many people” Eight years later Ivanski, now a Queen Ju- bilee medal recipient, is a volunteer for ma- jor local events, such as the local Victorian tea party held annually as well as a bingo, which amasses funds for the Breast Cancer foundation. “I’m like a party planner” she said while giggling. Ivanski also volunteers with Victoria’s Quilts Canada, a non-profit organization that makes quilts for cancer patients cur- rently experiencing chemotherapy treat- ments. “When I joined, I had no idea how to quilt” she said. “But the volunteers over at Victo- ria’s Quilts taught me how. They were so patient” The Quilts are free of charge and can be ordered by any cancer patient. “They are not only made to keep you warm, but also show you that there’s always someone out there who’s going to care and pray for you” she said while holding a recently finished quilt. Turning through the pages of her pink binder, Ivanski held out a small invitation. “This is our Victorian Tea Party invitation” she said with a hint of excitement in her voice. “It’s gained quite a lot of popularity over the years”


Marie-Claire Ivanski proudly displays an Ottawa 67`s pink jersey that she pur- chased at a fundraison auction for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Ivanski admits that it doesn’t bother her if people aren’t wearing any Victorian era clothing, as long as they are there and sup- porting the cause. The event also features a tour of a Victo- rian era garden, located on the Morewood property. As she closes her binder, Ivanski opens her Queen Jubilee casing to reveal the silver medal. “I accepted this award for all of the Friends For Life team” she said. “Without them and the community, I could not have done it. Nearly all the local companies donated money, their time or items.” The past year’s breakfasts have yielded a considerable amount of money, all donat- ed to the Breast Cancer foundation. “Every year, we have to put more and more tickets on sale” she said. “It’s getting quite popular”. Ivanski also encourages youths to partici- pate in volunteering for any organisation. “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” she said.

12- Dupas.

10- Dans l'Aisne. – Marchât vite et beaucoup. 11- Exécuté avec facilité. – Chaussure, pied. 12- Homme politique français (1847-1919). – Se dit de taloches portées avec violence.

HORIZONTALEMENT 1- Relatives à l'orchestre. 2- Se dit d'un corps formé par polymérisation. – Personne ignorante. 3- Fromage. – Source de richesse. 4- Vêtements féminins. – Prénom féminin. 5- Accumuler. – Interjection. 6- Adverbe. – Télémons. 7- À la mode. – Déterminer, fixer. 8- Mammifère voisin du phoque. – À l'écart. 9- Forme contrapuntique de la musique instrumentale espagnole. – Écorce de chêne moulée.

– Personne qui affecte le culte du beau au détriment de toute autre valeur. (pl.).

VERTICALEMENT 1- Intervention chirurgicale. – Préposition. 2- Vantard. – Épouse du fils. 3- Dispositif à dents qui permet d'accoupler deux pièces mécaniques. – Parties des cheminées. 4- Mariage. – Tracas. 5- Éminence. – Se dit d'un organe végétal membraneux. 6- Pièce de la charrue. – Cadeaux. 7- Chalut. – Conjonction. 8- Ce qui interrompt le travail et délasse. 9- Sans intérêt, monotones. – Époque.


10- Ingénieur allemand

(1912-1977). – Sans tache.

11- Domptée. – Échoue.

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