20-Day Training Guide for The System University

WEEK TWO - Learning to Present If you fail to make an effective presentation, then nothing else’s matters.

In this second week of training, you are going to learn how to make a compelling and professional pre-need presentation. It is only by making a compelling presentation that your prospect is going to understand the problems that occur when families have not pre-planned. They will understand how planning before a time of need eliminates these problems and will give them peace of mind. The words and methods used in The System’s pre -need presentation have been crafted to ensure you make not only a compelling presentation but one that is professional, ethical, and caring — supporting our core ideology of Service Selling . DAY 6 __ Daily Drill Down __ Address any concerns or questions you may have from the day before __TSU Classroom Video: “ One-Site Marketing ” __TSU Free Video: “ Your Pre-need Presentation – The Five Elements ” __ Introduction and discussion to the process and value of the warm-up and the transition from the warm-up to the Personal Planning Organizer __TSU Classroom Video : “ Personal Planning Organizer – Part Two” __ Rehearse: Rehearse the PPO presentation with the accompanying training outline. Your manager will give you leads from the CRM that has never either been presented or sold. These are often very good prospects to contact. Your sales manager will share with you the appropriate script. __Live Prospecting: Prospect from the list in the CRM and the script supplied by your sales manager __LeadTrak: Enter Lead, prospects and/or appointments into LeadTrak __ Q & A: Ask any questions for clarification or a better understanding of the concepts and materials covered today, if needed. Notes:______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Initials Signifying Completion: Date _______ Trainee ____ Sales Manager ____

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