Altitude Physical Therapy May 2019

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MAY 2019


Fifty years ago, 15 students graduated from physical therapy assistant (PTA) programs in Florida and Minnesota, making them the first to do so. Since then, the profession has grown and become a widely recognized and crucial part of physical therapy teams. This month, we want to highlight the efforts of these hardworking, compassionate members of our team and share more about their vital role in helping you get back to doing what you love. At Altitude PT, our PTAs Dan and Mike assist our physical therapists and help us follow through on completing each patient’s plan of care. The first time a patient comes in to see us, their physical therapist does an evaluation and comes up with a strategy for how they’re going to get the patient hurting less and moving more. Our PTAs work closely with the physical therapists to make all that happen. Our patients might work with their PT in the beginning, then meet with Dan or Mike depending on schedules and progress. There’s a lot of teamwork involved in this process, and when we have like-minded PTAs like Dan and Mike with us, they make it easy. They’re enthusiastically on board with the vision of where we want each patient to be. It also helps that Dan and Mike get along well with our patients, allowing them to be part of delivering consistently awesome treatment. We’re intentional about coordinating our teams here at Altitude to give our patients the best experience.

Communication is key between our therapists and PTAs, and we’ve found that within our team, we have some awesome communicators. Dan and Mike are both really good listeners — a skill that’s deeply beneficial for what they do every day. When it comes down to it, like with any good relationship, it’s all about trust. As a physical therapist, I invest my time and effort to get to the nuts and bolts of a patient’s pain or injury so we can get them back to the activities they love. I must be able to trust in the people who are helping me deliver on that plan, and that’s what I have with Dan and Mike. I know they will follow through on our plan of care, helping our patients get back to their favorite pastimes — and have some fun in the process. Dan and Mike are crucial for making what we do here possible, and we’re lucky to have these two awesome PTAs on our team. If you’ve worked with Dan or Mike, take a minute this month to tell them how much you appreciate what they do. Inside this newsletter, we’re sharing an exciting opportunity to give back to our community. If you’ve ever wanted to have a PT come to your workplace to talk about back pain, or if you know a group of people that would benefit from a rotator cuff workshop, this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Read on for the details of how we’ll help you and your team live with more fun and less pain.

Have an awesome month. Until next time,

P.S. We’re hosting a rotator cuff workshop in May! Learn more by following us on Facebook: Facebook. com/pg/AltitudePT/posts/?ref=page_internal. –Sean Weatherston

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