Surviving Christmas with a baby is possible!

party is in full swing. Another good way to maintain baby’s routine is to invite friends and family members to your home. No need to cart around all those items so neces- sary for a baby: diapers, bottles, milk, pyjamas, clean clothes, blankets, play yard, and stroller. You’ll have every- thing your baby needs close by and your guests will be only too happy to give you a helping hand during baby’s nighttime routine.

baby’s naps so that they can recharge their batteries. You have to travel an hour or more to reach your destina- tion? Great! Your child can sleep in the car and be in great shape for all the hugs and kisses awaiting him. If your travelling time isn’t long enough, be sure to ask your hostess for a quiet place where your baby can sleep after your arrival. Let your family know if you’ll be arriving late or leaving early. This way they won’t be disappointed when you suddenly leave while the

Merci de nous avoir choisis! Nous avons un grand plaisir à vous servir et nous vous souhaitons un joyeux Noël et une année remplie de bonheur et de santé!

Try and recreate the daily habits of your little bundle of joy as much as possible without sacrificing your own pleasure.

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elf is very likely to display some sud- den mood swings, just as you might be too! The solution to this is to try and recreate the daily habits of your little bundle of joy as much as possible without sacrificing your own pleasure. First of all let’s look at sleep. Because you will likely be going out to a few parties, be sure to carefully plan your

Routine is an important factor in a child’s development, especially during a time of year that is as busy and unpredictable as the holidays. It is never easy for babies and young chil- dren when their lives are turned upside down. Tired and cranky, your little Christmas

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